Ex-Beatles Aston Martin sells at auction

Ex-Beatles Aston Martin sells at auction
George Harrison's old Aston Martin DB5 fetches £350,000 at London auction.

An Aston Martin DB5, which was originally ordered by George Harrison, has been sold at auction for £350,000.

The 1964 DB5/1896/R was originally supplied to the Beatle on January 1 1965 by Brydor Cars of Brooklands in Surrey, and was expected to fetch about £200,000 at the Coys True Greats auction in London on December 7.

It was bought by an anonymous Beatles and Aston Martin fan from Houston, Texas.

Other cars sold at the London auction included a Cord 810 Phaeton owned by Jimmy Page and Duncan Bannatyne (£80,000) and a Mercedes Benz 300 SL Roadster which had been stored in an Edinburgh garage for the last 23 years (£343,000). In addition, a Mercedes Benz 540 K formerly owned by Bernie Ecclestone, sold for £864,000 - more than £350,000 over what it was expected to fetch.

Chris Routledge, managing director of Coys, said: " It was a fantastic sale with dealers and collectors from all over the world participating. There is also no doubt that many people who in the past invested in stocks and shares are now looking to classic cars as a good investment for the future."



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