BMW i.


BMW i is an all-encompassing, groundbreaking concept for sustainable mobility. It represents visionary electric vehicles and mobility services, inspiring design and a new understanding of premium that is defined by sustainability. And it thrills with its innovative cars: the fully electric BMW i3 – an emission-free* car for urban motoring that is sustainably designed throughout, and the BMW i8 Concept – the future of the sports car.
*excluding the use of energy to charge the vehicle.

BMW i is all about visionary electric vehicles and services, inspiring design and a new definition of premium that is defined by sustainability and pursues a holistic approach. BMW i redefines the idea of personal transport with purpose-built car concepts and a focus on sustainability throughout the entire process – from materials to end-of-life recycling – and a host of complementary mobility services.


BMW revealing the Concept X5 eDrive, a plug-in hybrid X5 show car that bows at the 2013 Frankfurt auto show, is so predictable that we wish we had placed bets on it. (Anyone know of any shady, underground gambling rings that focus on future automotive products?) However, the Concept X5 eDrive does feature a few surprises. Despite featuring a plug-in hybrid powertrain, it isn’t being shuffled off to BMW’s i sub-brand, and it previews a more-advanced, downsized future for the hybrid versions of its mainstream models.
BMW clearly is taking its i brand seriously, reserving the status only for the most eco-focused, standalone models like the i3 and the i8. But whereas the i cars boast a near-singleminded focus on lightweight materials, and a new “LifeDrive” architectural concept, the X5 eDrive is pretty much a standard X5 with a battery and the addition of an electric motor. Hence, the more pedestrian X5 skips i badging and instead gets the “eDrive” moniker. BMW previously used the eDrive descriptor on last year’s Concept Active Tourer, a front-drive plug-in hybrid hatchback.

Pre / Post Purchase

vehicle and car assessmentScotia Vehicle Inspection will provide a suitably qualified engineer that will carefully assess the vehicle structure, bodywork, mechanical components, road-worthiness, extras, fittings, trims, electrical components and cosmetic appearance.

Corporate Services

corporate vehicle and fleet cat  inspection servicesWe carry out inspections and provide high quality reports for:

Vehicle Merchantable Quality
Pre/Post Contract / Lease Inspections
Component / unit mechanical failure assessment

Assessment of vehicles for Operator abuse / misuse / damage
Mechanical Breakdown Insurance / Extended Warranty claims assessment

Reports for “Fair wear and tear”
Auditing and verification of repairs / maintenance charges.
Post accident repair

All our reports are tailored to your requirements

Van / Motorhome inspection

van and motorhome assesment servicesThe Van / Motorhome inspection service provides a fully comprehensive inspection of the vehicle to determine its current condition and integrity. A road test will complete the inspection on all but inappropriate vehicles.

All our reports are tailored to your requirements