Audi dealers to open order book for A1 Sportback

Audi dealers to open order book for A1 Sportback


Audi dealers will start taking orders for the new A1 Sportback later this month with deliveries expected in spring 2012.

The five-door five-seater hatchback, pitched against BMW’s Mini, is priced from £13,980 to £21,270 – a £560 premium model-for-model over three-door which was launched earlier this year.

Four engines will be available from launch: 1.2 TFSI petrol (86PS, 160Nm), 1.4 TFSI petrol (122PS, 200Nm), 1.4 TFSI twin-charge petrol (185PS, 250Nm) and 1.6 TDI diesel (105PS, 250Nm). A 2.0 TDI diesel (143PS, 320Nm) will follow in summer 2012.

The car is 6mm wider and 6mm taller than the three-door version.


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